our story & Mission


On 07/13/12 our whole world changed! At 37 Rob was diagnosed with colon cancer and given a very bleak outcome. 
We were just dating at the time and I remember the Dr. calling me into the room and giving me the most painful words of my life. I was told to get Rob’s things in order because he had less than a 10% chance of living.
Completely blindsided we made a decision to tackle this disease head on, together.
Less than a month later, two days before Rob started treatment we were married at our home surrounded by friends and family. That vow of solidarity has and continues to drive and sustain us through the up's and downs of this journey. 
From day one people rallied, donated, supported and gave selflessly to our hope that one day Rob would be better. To this day we are blown away by how many friends and complete strangers believed in us. It was in this dark, yet hopeful time Rob and I knew we had been given this disease for a reason and our dream of Mu CASA Moo Foundation was born.  
Just a year later Rob and I rejoiced with the news that he was cancer free and we could officially start our next journey in life. We quickly started the non profit foundation, Mu CASA Moo Foundation.  Our main focus is helping families financially during this time  so they can simply focus on beating cancer, not stressing about paying the bills. Rob and I know first hand how crucial this is to a quick and full recovery. We are proud to say we donate 100% of funds to this cause.  While we’d love to cure cancer we realize that isn’t realistic, but we can help change this disease one family at a time. Rob and I are blessed with the opportunity to turn this disease into a hope for tomorrow. We are honored and humbled to be able to be in a place that we can give back. 
Mu CASA Moo Foundation was born out of a horrible disease, however it is fueled by the belief that cancer can be beat. On 07/13/12 our whole world changed, for the better!

Thank you for support and spreading hope with us.